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Tobacco Short fill – Drummer

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Just add your own Nicotine!
If your looking for the most realistic Drum flavour, you cant go wrong with this very popular take on the once smoked rollie.

  • Choose Bottle size
  • Choose your MIX (how thin or thick your e liquid should be)
  • VG is thick/softer – more clouds, PG is thinner – more flavour/throat hit)
  • Choose your Nicotine strength
  • Are you using a VG or PG based 72 mg Nicotine?
  • The bottle label will state exactly how much Nicotine to add to it
  • Nicotine can be found on many websites


Drum Tobacco E liquid ‘short fill’

Best Drum Tobacco E liquid

So how does a Tobacco E liquid ‘Short fill work?’

Its now even easier to mix your own Drum Tobacco E liquid, don’t be put off by this its so easy to do. A Tobacco E liquid short fill is where you add your 72 mg Nicotine to the bottle that contains the Tobacco E liquid, by doing this you can choose any short fill size and any ratio you want and of course any flavour!

72 mg Nicotine can be found in the UK, a quick search on Google or an email to us, 72 mg Nicotine is readily available. A small bottle of 72 mg Nicotine can last the user years if stored correctly.

You will need:

  • Drum Tobacco E liquid Short fill
  • 72 MG Nicotine in VG or PG mix (search 72 Nicotine on Ebay or Google)
  • Powder free gloves
  • Syringe for your Nicotine
  • Paper towels to wipe up after (if needed)
  • Samples and testers can be found here

You should already know what ratio and Nicotine (MG) strength you are vaping, so find the Drum Tobacco E liquid ‘short fill’ flavour and choose your Ratio, Nicotine strength and if you are using VG or PG 72 mg Nicotine. Choose the bottle size you want and once you have chosen your options, checkout and your Drum Tobacco E liquid short fill will arrive with 1 very easy to use measurement on the bottle label for you to follow – its that easy!

How much Nicotine do i add to these Tobacco E liquid Short fills?

See below the 72 mg Nicotine mixing chart for adding your 72 mg Nicotine to the Drum Tobacco E liquid short fill. The blue colour shows what Nicotine strength you want, find your bottle size and that’s how much 72 mg Nicotine you need to put it, but don’t worry, we will type this on the bottle label for you using the options you have chosen, its very east to use this Tobacco E liquid.

Nicotine shots

20 mg Nicotine shots can be used with these Tobacco E liquid products, and for higher MG strengths you will need a fair few of them but we recommend using 72 mg for these Tobacco Short fills. If you do wish to use 20 mg Nicotine shots please email us for using the correct amount of Nicotine shots to your Drum Tobacco E liquid Short fill product. We do have a whole section of Tobacco Short fills with Nicotine shots found here


Steeping your Drum Tobacco E liquid is down to your personal taste, customers mix their Drum Tobacco E liquid Short fills without the 72 mg Nicotine, leave it in a dark place, shake and repeat. The 72 mg Nicotine is added after the Tobacco product has steeped, this will smooth out the Tobacco E liquid so its not too harsh when you use it. We do not recommend you to breath the steeping Tobacco E liquid (leaving the cap off), by doing this you release the flavour.


Please bear in mind we are not at fault for user error.

Cream based flavours – 2 months or longer, Fruits – 4 weeks, Tobaccos – 2 weeks


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Disclaimer: No Nicotine whatsoever is included with this Tobacco E liquid product. We have clearly shown instructions on how to make personal vaporizer Tobacco liquid. Adding Nicotine is at users own risk. Steeping these Tobacco liquids will differ from flavour to flavour and we hold no responsibility for user error. For further assistance and guidance please email us at sales@tobaccoeliquid.co.uk

Additional information

Bottle size

30 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml

Your Ratio

80%VG 20%PG, 70%VG 30%PG, 60%VG 40%PG, 50%VG 50%PG, 80%PG 20%VG, 70%PG 30%VG, 60%PG 40%VG, 100%PG

Your Strength

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Your Nicotine

VG Nicotine, PG Nicotine

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    paul maguire

    only had this one as a 10ml sample let it steep for a week as this was a fresh mix and really nice true drum rolling tobacco flavour.will be ordering it in concentrate form on my next order.

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