72 MG VG Nicotine


72 mg VG Nicotine Base

50ml/5cl 100% 72 mg VG Base Nicotine to add to your Shortfill E-liquid.

Adding 72 MG Nicotine to your Shortfill E-liquid is Easy and very cost effective. See the 72 mg Nicotine chart in the images.

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72 MG VG Nicotine


72 mg/ml (7.2%) VG Nicotine that has been produced in the UK & EU, by the two leading Pharmaceutical USP/EP grade Nicotine manufacturers.
Re-bottled to exacting standards in our own Laboratory here in the UK.


All our 72mg/ml (7.2%) Nicotine is provided for sale on a Business to Business (B2B) basis.

Please email us before purchasing.

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Bottle size:

50 ml


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