18 mg VG Nicotine Shots


18 MG VG Nicotine Shots

18 MG VG TPD compliant Nicotine shots for use in Shortfills & E-liquids.

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Nicotine Information

The taste of nicotine is a characteristic that some vapers enjoy to an extent. After some time however, these characteristics will alter. The main cause of the change in nicotine taste is oxidation.

Oxidation is a naturally-occurring reaction that happens to all nicotine solutions. The following factors should be considered to help reduce the oxidation process.

Limit the time your nicotine is exposed to air. You want to open your nicotine as sparingly as possible. Once done using your nicotine, close the container as soon as possible.

Store your nicotine in a cool area. Nicotine can be stored in a freezer to preserve its shelf life. If stored in a freezer, make sure your nicotine is inaccessible to children or pets.

Keep your nicotine away from light. Light, more specifically UV light, is a common factor for oxidation. Keep your nicotine stored in a dark area to limit light exposure.

One great way to avoid oxidization during the mixing process is to open the nicotine as few times as possible.  Try ordering nicotine in lower strengths and/or smaller quantities. The goal is to find the variant that allows you to use the entire container each mix. This not only keeps your nicotine and mixes more fresh, but saves you time and resources.

Keep all Nicotine products well away from Children and Pets.

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