100% N.e.t 56 Degrees North Bronze Concentrate


Kentucky Bourbon infused NET Tobacco, its a rich, punchy Tobacco with Burley & Virginia.

  • Additive Free
  • Chemical Free
  • Pure Leaf Extract
  • Test Results Pending
  • Mix this Tobacco Concentrate from 10%

Naturally Extracted Tobacco Concentrate


If your used to being a Tobacco smoker and you have finally decided to give Vaping a try, you have come to the right place. There are a huge range of Tobacco flavours available to try on the Internet, some are bad others are really good. Tobacco E-liquid flavours are free from carcinogens and chemicals that cause cancer related illnesses. Whatever your decision you have made a wise one.

The range of Tobacco E-liquid flavour on the market can be somewhat overwhelming. A bottle of Tobacco E-liquid is not exactly cheap so your looking for the most affordable best quality Tobacco flavours can range from standard generic Tobaccos to the more expensive Naturally extracted Tobacco flavours. You want to make sure your buying something you will love and actually vape.


If you love Tobacco you will love this Tobacco flavour

Kentucky Bourbon infused NET Tobacco, its a rich, punchy Tobacco with Burley & Virginia.


How to mix your Naturally Extracted Tobacco Concentrate

Its easy to mix your Naturally Extracted Tobacco Concentrate. Try a little first and add more Tobacco concentrate to taste. A very popular ratio is 60%VG 40%PG mix this gives you the throat hit, vape and taste with just enough PG to enhance the Tobacco flavour.


Should i steep my Tobacco E-liquid?

Yes, steeping is a process where you leave the made up E-liquid for a few days, shaking twice a day. This pulls all those delicious Tobacco leaf flavours together and enhances your vaping experience. The longer you leave it the better the taste will be.


I need help with mixing my Tobacco E- liquid

No problem, we have a dedicated Facebook group and we have a world class customer service on hand and ready to help you.

Bottle Size:

10 ml


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